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Mighty Men Advance Men's Conference



The Mighty Men Advance was birthed in the Black Hills of South Dakota in 2005. What began with just a handful of men who desired to seek God in the serenity of the beautiful Black Hills has evolved into something so profound and life changing that men from all over this nation have come to participate in its completely unforgettable experience.

Long Live The King! Mighty Men!

In today’s society men have been encouraged to subdue their manhood in favor of unnatural coyness and borderline feminism. While much of what is offered today is an endless choice of very poor role models, the Word of God offers a primer of manhood that reveals the true conduct of a God-fearing man. It is from this powerful instruction that the Mighty Men Advance is based and from which men return to their everyday lives reflecting and demonstrating what they have learned to their world.


This is a weekend experience, Thursday thru Saturday, that will speak to, challenge and ignite the man that God has wired you to be.  

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Lakewood Park, ND - August 2017

Lakewood Park, ND - August 2017

Mighty Men Advance - Lakewood Park, ND
 August 17th-19th, 2017 (Thursday-Saturday)

Registration cost - $200


Lakewood Park Bible Camp, Devils Lake, North Dakota


Lakewood Park Bible Camp

Phone: (701) 662-2296
Address: 220 Woodland Ave
Devils Lake, ND 58301

Click here for map/directions



Thursday, August 17th
11:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Registration & Check-in
6:00 pm - Power Up Service

Friday, August 18th
9:00 am - Power Up Service
1:00 pm - Outside Events/
    Mighty Men Activities
6:30 pm - Power Up Service

Saturday, August 19th
9:00 am - Power Up Service
1:00 pm - Lion Games
7:00 pm - Power Up Service

Sunday, August 20th
Check out time is Sunday 12:00 (Noon)

Sunday Church Service* (optional)
All welcome to join us for Sunday church service.

New Life Fellowship
with Pastor Jeff Kapel

2750 Hwy 20
Tolna, ND58380
Phone:  701-262-4470

Service Times: 10:30 am




  • Sleeping bag/bedding, pillow - for bunk-style beds (linens not provided)
  • Towel, toiletries
  • Outdoor clothing for activities
  • Bible, pen and note pad
  • Flashlight
  • Snacks for between meals and downtime
  • Summer daytime weather (80's - 100's) and cool evening temps (50's-60's)

MEALS PROVIDED  (7 total Mighty Men meals)
Thursday, September 15th
Friday, September 16th
Saturday, September 17th


What weather can be expected? 
- August average day time temps are in the 80's (but can easily push 100) and the evening lows can get below the 60's. Come prepared for hot day time temps and cool evenings. Also prep for afternoon thunderstorms.

What is the closest airport?
- Grand Forks North Dakota is the easiest airport to fly into. From Grand Forks to Lakewood Park is 93 miles.

Is there transportation or shuttle to the camp?
- There is not a planned shuttle to camp. 
- Check the FaceBook community to see if you can meet up with others.

What if I forget something?
- Just ask around, we will probably be able to find something that will work.
- Also there is a Walmart store about 7 miles away by so that can be an option too.

Can I register myself and a guest? Are registrations refundable?
- Yes, you can register multiple people, however, please submit a registration for each and every man attending. Registration is not refundable.

I have a specific questions. Is there someone I can talk to?
- Yes—Please feel free to email if you have questions about activities or need any additional information.



Lion Games

Lion Games

Lion Games

Lion Games

Mighty Men Advance Lion Games


The Mighty Men Advance Lion Games are a fun, competitive and challenging afternoon event held during the Mighty Men Advance. The Lion Games give men the opportunity to connect with each other, work as a team and be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually.

A few of the activities involved have been, axe throwing, tree sawing, bow and arrow shooting, log carrying, tree climbing and others. Each year is similar but never the same. 

The Lion Games are all about perseverance and going for it! All the activities point to what Jesus has done for us, giving His all!

Rain, snow, summer or winter, gear up and come expecting to be challenged physically and spiritually during the Mighty Men Advance Lion Games.